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The idea of the Micro-SaaS captures my heart and I love it. I am not a huge fan of the name, but I can live with it since it is how most people refer to the concept. (I prefer the name SaaM - Software as a Microservice) I am always analyzing the world around me and I come up with a lot of neat ideas. The thing is, ideas are cheap. They mean nothing unless they get executed and execution is where I can’t do them any justice. So, I want to start throwing ideas out and hoping that someone takes one and runs with it. The only thing I ask, is if you end up building an awesome thing with one of my ideas, shoot me an email so I can do a little happy dance for you! Without further ado, here are my Micro-SaaS Ideas for March 2017:

Micro-SaaS Ideas

  1. Blog Platform - I have previously talked about this idea, but I wanted to include it anyway. The idea is simple. Write a service that acts as the backend of a blog. This leaves the front-end design of the blog entirely in the hands of the web designer, without the need of a heavy framework like Wordpress.
  2. Landlord Management System - A simple system for tenants to send requests into their landlord and track work orders. It is frustrating as a tenant to not even know if your request for something to be fixed has been seen.
  3. Automatic Payment System for Utilities - Small time utility providers (like propane companies) need an easy way to allow their customers to set up recurring payments. You could be their solution!
  4. Virus Scanning - This is a pass through service that takes a file in, runs a virus scanner over it and either sends the file on in a pipeline or reports it as in quarantine.
  5. Daily Nudge - A service that sends out a daily reminder to perform some action. Examples are reminders to work out, write a book, perform a work task, etc. I will leave it up to you to figure out what to remind about.
  6. Coupon Email List - Small business need email lists too. Instead of going through the work of setting up a new list and a reward for signing up, you could write a service to do that for them. They pay a fee for you to maintain the list and send out the coupon/drip content. In exchange for the fee, they also get access to the raw email list.
  7. Appointment Reminder Texts - Set up a service that acts as the middle man between small business based on appointments and their end customer. When a customer makes an appointment, the business sets up the reminder in your service for X Days or Hours before the event. Your service then sends a text message to the customer reminding them of their appointment. A lot of larger customer management suites have this functionality built in, but offering it a la carte opens the market to business that don’t need full service CRM software.

That is all for now. I will probably post more of these lists as I come up with additional ideas. Keep in mind that these are simply for inspiration, and it is up to you to come up with actual business plans if you decide to use any of these ideas. Good Luck!